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Nadja Flemming

Nadja Flemming

Nadja Flemming has only been snowboarding for five years, but already her impact on the European competitive snowboard scene has been felt. Two years after learning to snowboard, she tried her first contest and was immediately hooked. She bought her first freestyle board and then was soon after approached by a German coach requesting that she join their team. She said yes, and that year went on to because the Bavarian Slopestyle Champion, taking first and solidifying her love for slope.

Since those initial few seasons, Nadja has fully immersed herself in the snowboard culture, purchasing a van to live out of in the winter when traveling for contests and finding work that enables her to snowboard as much as possible. Last season she claimed the title of Bavarian Slopestyle Champion, as well as receiving an invite to compete in her first ever world cup.


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