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Linda Paluc

Linda Paluc

Linda Paluc has got it all figured out. At 22 years of age, the Slovenian born biker has already written the perfect manual to feed one’s soul: layer on bouts of exploration and daily adventure while never forgetting to mind the smaller things in life- long talks under the stars, watch the sun rise with a steaming cup of coffee, send yourself headlong off a massive dirt jump through the forest… ok, so maybe it’s not a manual for everyone to follow exactly, (as not many can ride a mountain bike like she can) but it works perfectly for Linda!

The downhill rider knows she’s lucky to have such an extreme talent that takes her around the globe and that gratefulness shows in her humble being. But she also pushes others to find their own talents, to be fearless and to try new things. And if Linda Paluc says we are capable of anything, we’re going to believe it.


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