About Us


Nikita is an iconic girls streetwear and outerwear brand that brings style and rebellious confidence to girls from the streets to the mountains.
Our street collection merges style and function, not sacrificing either. We're supported by Nikita Nation, a collective of creative ambassadors
who ride and embrace our collaborative brand culture every day.

About Spring/Summer 2017:
You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. Rabindranath Tagore

This collection pays respect to the sea trade, and the materials the  industry relies on all over the world. Metals, rope, netting, wood—
all constructed for  strength—yield unexpected beauty. Find in our silhouettes nautical knots and frayed rope braids, patterns of netting
that provide stretch and support, wood worn by the pounding of waves and many a fisherman’s boot, oxidized rust drips creating artwork
on metal—and the soft rainbow palette inspired by the patina of it all. While we found this inspiration at an industrial harbor  in Iceland,
it struck us that we could’ve been at any wharf in the world—standing on the edge of the dock, salty air curling our hair, sewing a story
of the sea into Spring 17, ready to cross it.