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On 22nd June, the eighth Suck My Trucks (SMT) event, the ever growing women’s skateboard contest, took place. This year it was a part of the “Mellow Jam” music & culture festival with good music and yummy Food! About 200 people came over and enjoyed the contest.

The event covered several days and Nikita was there for girls who ride and sponsored the popular Spot Tour. This event ran one day before the main event on Global Go Skateboarding Day and brought nearly 40 girls together to participate in the tour.

The next day the big contests began: a street session, a mini ramp challenge with the street race coming up the following day. The events saw 13 girls competing in the street session and Aldana Bertran from Argentina won the competition. In the mini ramp challenge, our Nikita Ambassador Alissa Fessl from Austria took the first place. The 9-year-old girl, Roxana Howlett from UK, won the 2nd place.

We of course can’t forget our very own Belgian Nikita rider Sarah de Laet, who gave everything for the tour and spread a positive vibe all the time. Thanks to her and everyone else who came out, the atmosphere during the tour was great.

Take a look for yourself and see just how fun the Suck My Trucks 2019 Contest and the Nikita Spot Tour Event were this year!

SMT x Nikita 2019

SMT x Nikita 2019

SMT x Nikita 2019SMT x Nikita 2019

SMT x Nikita 2019


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