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Three No-Brainer Winter Warmer Meals

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Winter is finally upon us, and we've been getting out into those mountains like we've never seen snow before! Our days are filled with snowy adventures, snot rockets (hey, our noses run, what are we supposed to do?) and tons of laughs all day long.

But what about at the end of the day? We're always so exhausted, starving, and never trying to break the bank with our apres. We need to eat though, and we want it to be warm and comforting!

We compiled a list of our three favorite winter warmer recipes that you can make on a brain that's been fried from ridign all day to make sure you refuel & are ready to get back at it again tomorrow- 

1. One Pot Mexican Chicken Quinoa Skillet

Chicken, salsa, beans, cheese and more- what else could you want to fill yourself up?

2. Slow Cooker Three Bean Chili

You'll want to set this one up before you leave the house, but you'll be coming home to delicious, hearty chili. Spoon it out, sprinkle on some shredded cheese and- voila! you'll be noshing in no time.

Excuse me? What's that? You want pizza AND pasta? What a great idea!

3. One Pot Pizza Pasta Bake

If you crave carbs when you finally get inside, then this recipe is for you. All the joys of pasta with the best parts of pizza, this could become your new go-to favorite one pot meal.

Have some great suggestions of your own you think we should try? Let us know!


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