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Five Reasons to Continue Biking Into Fall

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You’ve done so well at bike commuting all summer long, why quit now? Yes the sun may set a little earlier and the days may seem a little colder, but the reasons for biking through the fall are endless. Here are five that may help to persuade you into setting the car keys aside for just a couple more months-

  1. Biking will help keep your commute quick. As everyone else tucks their bikes away for the season you can avoid the added traffic by sticking to the bike lanes. Plus parking is a breeze and totally free.
  2. Don’t forget about the environment! Protect the polar bears, keep the glaciers from melting, and revive the coral reefs by limiting the demand for oil.
  3. Your own health may be the most important reason. Biking is great exercise and can save you a trip to the gym. As the days get shorter, and the activities you can pack into your time of daylight shrinks, why not double up on commuting and cardio at the same time?
  4. Not only a benefit for your physical health but biking is also also amazing for your mental health. Prepare yourself for the day, boost your creativity and get your blood flowing, then debrief and analyze on your way home.
  5. Biking can be a very social way to commute. Even if the encounters with your fellow bikers is silent a lot can be said for a nod to a friendly face every morning and the community you build is stronger than it may seem.
The pretty leaves and changing scenery is just an added bonus.


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