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Nikita Fall Collection: Colorstory Part II

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Nikita Fall Collection 2016 Coffee Colorstory Luba Lubinskaia, Laura Diehm Cortado Sweater Dress

Luba Lubinkskaia in the Kaya Legging and Laura Diehm in the Cortado Sweater Dress enjoy a sunrise on the rooftops of Germany p. Conny Marshaus 

Words: Jenna Kuklinski and Vicki Vasil

We know now where coffee comes from (if you haven't yet, check out Nikita Fall Collection: Colorstory Part I). The small plant that grows with green leaves and produces ripe, rich cherries that are harvested with eager attention and grows in tropical climates. That's coffee- that's where it starts. 

But where does this lead us? To the drink, of course; the beverage that an entire industry has been born from- trade routes established and which is the drink of choice for many to wake up to in the mornings. That energizing enigma that inspires so many posts to people's social accounts, that thing that has turned being a barista from merely a side-job for young kids and college students into a life-long career of passion.

Nikita Clothing Fall collection 2016 coffee and cream

Black/White, coffee/cream- opposites attract p. Conny Marshaus

For the second half of our colorstory, we pull our inspiration from coffee & cream, the final product and perfect pairing of this plant. Finally! put the brew to your lips and sip. Energy abounds with bursts of color complementing the cherry tones and basic black, to round the collection out with a diverse palette that pops. Mesh textures offer a subtle play on burlap, and we introduce an accessory micro-collection with "light" or "dark" options. 

Nikita Fall Collection 2016 Coffee Colorstory Schirin Frosch and Sahra Doerfel Criollo Top and Robusta Tee

Schirin Frosch wears the Criollo Top in Jet Black, while Sahra Doefel donned the Robusta Tee in Heather Drizzle p. Conny Marshaus

The excitement and energy that flows from the colors in the origin of coffee translate over flawlessly into the subtle and cool tones of the final product. This is a collection that comes together for us in so many ways! 

So grab your favorite mug, some and some cream (if you take it) and settle into autumn. Its going to be cool, crisp and energizing- a perfect pairing to our favorite fall beverage.

Nikita Fall Collection 2016 Coffee Colorstory Nirvana Ortanez Evolution Crew

Nirvana Ortanez enjoys a carefully crafted latte wearing the Evolution Crew in Castle Rock p. Jenna Kuklinski


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