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Nikita Fall Collection: Colorstory Part I

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Laura L Visconti enjoys a mug of her favorite brew in the Robusta Tee from the Beans and Leaves collection. p Alex Uvalle

Here at Nikita, we can't help but notice- the leaves are changing color, air is getting crisper and those bright mornings are just begging to be greeted with a huge cozy hoodie and steaming cup of coffee. Fall has arrived.

This is where we drew our inspiration for the Nikita Fall/Winter 2016 collection; those feelings that come up during fall- and specifically that tie to coffee. As a comforting cup mixed with cream of sugar, but also coffee's origins; the plant, the beans, the leaves.  

The colors that come from a coffee cherry are amazing! Not just browns and blacks, but fresh reds and golds from the live plant. p- Conny Marshaus

Based off of our color palette and concept for Beans and Leaves in the streetwear collection—the origins of coffee— this season we've featured a blend of colors from the green and red of the coffee cherry plant, to a gold solid and complementary basics. Its hard to resist the caffeinated pull of this awesome plant! The patterns and colors that have come from all of it- we can't get enough (sound familiar, coffee lovers?).

Laura Diehm wearing the Reykjavik Hoodie in a seasonal prints inspired by the origins of coffee. p- Conny Marshaus

So, however you like it- coffee is so much more than a cup of caffeine. Enjoy the seasons as we shift over from hot summer days to cool autumn mornings and stay tuned as we introduce the rest of the inspiration for our Fall Winter collection soon! 

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