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Cooler Mag - Spring Is Nearly Here! 5 Reasons Why We’ll Be Rocking Nikita’s New Outfits This Season

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Repost from Cooler Mag. Be sure to check out their site and all of their other awesome articles here!

This awesome brand never fails make amazing clothes for adventure loving women!

The Fits

You know you love Nikita for it’s signature fit; loose enough to let you move however you want to, but cut in just the right way to be your favorite t-shirt you wear everywhere. This spring collection is no different from those in the past in that it come packed with tons of great options for every fit you’re looking for

The Attitude

Nikita isn’t about sitting on the sidelines and watching the world pass you by. It’s about taking action and having fun, and that attitude screams through each piece we’ve made for your spring wardrobe. Throw on your new favorite Nikita piece, grab your friends, and satisfy your thirst for fun!

The Style

With brand-new original prints, unique and eye-catching 3-d textures and a nod towards Icelandic heritage, you can’t go wrong with anyway you wear the new Nikita spring collection. It’s style soaks through in every fiber and effortlessly outfits you for whatever lay ahead in your day.


Who doesn’t love hoodies? And spring is the perfect time for them, when the weather is… weather.

One second it’s sunny, the second a breeze blows through that reminds you winter was not too far off in the past. Nikita has got you covered (literally) with the best long-sleeve (and no sleeve!) zip-up and pull-over options for the uncertain weather that lay ahead.

Headbands – Just in time for festival season

This season Nikita is bringing in some awesome and easy to love headwear accessories. The simple braided texture and bright, fun twists add easy style to any and every outfit you could put on.

Plus, it comes just in time for another important season that happens this time of year- Festival Season! Your music appreciation kit will be well-stocked when you toss in a couple of these.


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