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Bergfreunde's Perfect Outfit for Spring

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Is that the sun we see peaking through those clouds?

Nikita Clothing Spring Summer 2017

It is! And what a welcome sight to see- this winter has been an amazing but long one. It's time to dip our toes back in the water and remember what life is like when you don't have to wear twelve layers just to step outside your front door.

How do you dress though, now that it isn't hibernation season? You don't want to jump back into shorts and shades since springtime is the most unpredictable season, but you also can't deny that your body is calling for some freedom from bulky sweaters and long johns under everything.

And so- here's our perfect Spring transition outfit selected by our friends at Bergfreunde

Rookery Tank Vanilla Ice

Start with The Rookery Tank, a sleeves tank with raw shoulders and an original eye-catching graphic. This is just the thing to quench your craving for springtime feels.

Nikita Penny Pant Ocean Depths

Pair that with the Penny Pant, a comfortable and warm yet versatile piece that goes from streetwear to loungewear and back again. It'll ensure your legs don't get bombarded by the occasional gust of cold air that blows through over the next few weeks.

Nikita Starward Jacket Vanilla Ice

Finish things off by setting out in the Starward Jacket, the ideal transitional season piece. With a special rain-repellent coating and an airy mesh lining, this jacket will make sure you're comfortable no matter where you go and what elements decide to come at you.

And there you have it! Perfectly prepped for spring adventure, from the streets to the mountains and everywhere in between.

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