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A Stretch Routine For Everyone, Everyday.

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Sun salutations and morning meditation is a great way to start the day, but just not practical for everyone.

Here is a stretch routine to help anyone get their morning started with movement- these five stretches take just minutes to go through and are the perfect pick-me-up to help you feel focused and energized.

Begin by standing with your feet planted to the floor shoulder-width apart and lift your hands from your side, out in front of your body, up above your head and hold them there for twenty seconds taking in deep breaths as you do so.

Keeping your feet in the same position reach your hands down to your toes while bending from your waist and allow your body to rest in this position for fifteen seconds.

Next, take one step to the side and reach your right hand to your right foot while extending your left arm above your head. Hold for fifteen seconds and then repeat the motion on your opposite side.

Finally, bring your hands back to the center, reaching for the ground in between your feet. Hold this position for a final fifteen count.

Feel free to modify this sequence either by repeating these stretches two or three times or challenging yourself to hold each position for five seconds longer than the time before, this will help to gain flexibility. These stretches aren’t only good for the morning, they can be done during the day as a way to refocus your mind and serve as a great, quick stretch if your muscles are feeling tight before, during, or after a tough workout.


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