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A Chasa cun Elena Könz

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A Chasa is a short film by @peakframes about the home base of Nikita´ s team rider Elena Könz in Switzerland

"This year was awesome for riding powder in Switzerland. The best thing about it was that I didn’t have to fly anywhere to find good pow. I could basically stay at home and let the nature do its work." told us Elena Könz.

After the Olympics last winter, she stopped riding competitions and is able to enjoy the pow to the fullest without missing any trainings, competitions or be away travelling. 

Elena grew up in Vnà, a small village in the mountains of Switzerland. The village has 60 habitants, so basically she knows everyone by name. Some of the little houses are empty and the village was the perfect playground when we were kids - and now too.

When PeakFrames asked Elena if she would like to do a film project with them, she already had a plan in mind - watch the video HERE!

A Chasa - Elena Koenz from PeakFrames on Vimeo.


Last words from Elena: "It was a really good experience and so much fun to film with PeakFrames, Isabel Derungs and Irene Schweizer. A huge thanks to everyone involved and to everyone supporting and believing in us."


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